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  1. About B Corps

  2. About B Lab

  3. About Benefit Corporations

  4. About the B Impact Assessment (BIA)

  5. Assessment Reporting Period

  6. Assessment Review

  7. Attract Press, Customers and Investors

  8. B Analytics

  9. B Corp Certification Steps

  10. B Corp Inclusion Challenge: Peer Exchange Resources

  11. B Corp Legal Requirement

  12. B Corp Marketplace Profile

  13. B Corp Performance Requirement

  14. B Corp Public Profile

  15. B Corp Public Transparency Requirement (Term Sheet, Fees)

  16. B Corporation vs. Benefit Corporation

  17. B Hive

  18. B Impact Fellowship

  19. B Impact Report for Companies Pursuing B Corp Certification

  20. B the Change Media

  21. Benchmark and Improve Performance

  22. Benchmark Categories

  23. Best Practice Guide: Building Engagement and Accountability through Transparency

  24. Best Practice Guide: Creating Impact through Purchasing

  25. Best Practice Guide: Creating Inclusion through Company Ownership

  26. Best Practice Guide: Engaging and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

  27. Best Practice Guide: Growing a Diverse Workforce

  28. Best Practice Guide: Implementing a Professional Development Program

  29. Best Practice Guide: The Basics of Mission-Aligned Governance

  30. Best Practice Guide: The Basics of Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

  31. Best Practices and Examples

  32. Board of Directors

  33. Can nonprofits become Certified B Corps?

  34. Changes to B Corp Profile pages

  35. Choosing your Assessment Track: Size, Sector & Location

  36. Creating a Code of Business Conduct

  37. Creating a Supplier Code of Conduct

  38. Creating an Employee Handbook

  39. Creating Company Policies

  40. Disclosure Questionnaire

  41. Discounts for B Corps

  42. Doubting your answer? Bookmark a question to revisit it later

  43. Downloading guide

  44. Downloading/Printing GIIRS Reports

  45. Error when loading Analytics or Standards Navigator with Firefox

  46. Examples of Benefit Corporations

  47. Financial Reporting Standards & Transparency

  48. Flexible Reporting Guide

  49. For Public Companies

  50. For Startups (Pending Certification Status)

  51. For Subsidiares or Franchise

  52. GIIRS Company Ratings Guide

  53. GIIRS Fund in Formation Guide

  54. GIIRS Fund Ratings Guide

  55. GIIRS Rating

  56. How B Corps Attract & Engage Quality Talent

  57. How do I access my Improvement Report?

  58. How do I finish and submit my assessment for review?

  59. How do I mark my B Corp Inclusion Challenge goals?

  60. How do I move to a different section or change my answers?

  61. How do I see my score or access the B Impact Report?

  62. How do I sign up to take the B Corp Inclusion Challenge?

  63. How do I update my assessment to the new application?

  64. How do I upload documents for my assessment verification?

  65. How do I upload my legal documents?

  66. How to Enable Email Functionality in B Analytics

  67. Impact Areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers

  68. Implementing an Environmental Management System

  69. Implementing Financial Controls

  70. Importance of Benefit Corporations

  71. Join a Community and Collaborate

  72. Join a Community of Leaders

  73. Measure What Matters

  74. Metric Digests: Inclusive Economy

  75. Occupational Health & Safety

  76. On-site Reviews

  77. Performance Over Time

  78. Progress Report Dashboard

  79. Protect Mission

  80. Resource Portal

  81. Resource: Family-Friendly Workplace Toolkit

  82. Score Reports and Improvement Tools

  83. Scoring & Weight

  84. Standards Advisory Council

  85. Standards Navigator Guide

  86. State Status of Benefit Corporation Legislation

  87. Steps to Recertification

  88. Submitting the Assessment & Supporting Documentation

  89. Subscribe guide

  90. Tech Support: Beta Platform

  91. Tech Support: Can I add more team members to my BIA to help?

  92. Tech Support: PDF Downloads

  93. Tech Support: Reset or Change your Password

  94. Tech Support: Saving

  95. Tech Support: Security

  96. The B Impact Report Dashboard

  97. The Impact Cloud

  98. The Impact Cloud Guide

  99. What if I haven’t received my confirmation code email?

  100. What is B Analytics?

  101. What is my B Corp public profile and where does the content go?

  102. What is the B Corp Inclusion Challenge?

  103. Where can I find more information, like the Inclusion Challenge Metric Set?

  104. Where do I see my overall progress on the assessment?

  105. Whistleblowing Policies

  106. Why do I need to update my assessment?

  107. Will my assessment answers transfer?

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