Choosing your Assessment Track: Size, Sector & Location

The B Impact Assessment is tailored to the size, sector/industry and location of your company.  See below for tips on choosing your Assessment Track:

  • Size: The “size” track driver represents the number of employees you have working for your company. If you are a sole proprietor or only have working owners, please select the size “0” as you do not have any employees. When calculating your employees, keep in mind that all employees should be on payroll not 1099s
  • Location: The country of operations that you select will determine if you see a “Developed” or “Emerging” markets version of the assessment. If you are a virtual office, please select your location and continue filling out the assessment
  • Sector/industry: Your sector influences the questions a company receives on the assessment. There are there are four different sectors that you can choose from:
  • ManufacturingA company that manufactures >10% of its own products for sale or manufactures products for sale by another company or brand. (e.g. contract manufacturers, assembly lines, breweries, livestock producers).
  • Wholesale/Retail: A company that sells physical products and does not own or operate the manufacturing processes or facilities responsible for the creation of those physical good. (e.g. grocery stores, e-commerce retailers, consumer goods companies that do not manufacture own product, wholesalers of physical goods).
  • Services with Minor Environmental footprint: A company that earns revenue through the provision of non-physical services. Company does not sell a physical product or does not own/operate a retail, wholesale, or manufacturing facility. (e.g. law firms, marketing/communications agencies, software company).
  • Services with Major Environmental footprintA company that works in a service industry with a material environmental footprint due to its facilities, supply chain, or the intensity of its operations in delivery of services., e.g. hotels, restaurants, landscaping companies, universities).
  • Agricultural GrowersA company that operates a farm, agroprocessing facility, or sources crops directly from farmer-growers for a majority of raw input materials. If the company is a livestock producer, please select 'Manufacturing'. (e.g. fruit or vegetable farms, farmers' markets, coffee plantations, coffee roasters).
  • Microfinance Institution (MFI)A company that administers microfinance products and services. (e.g. Microfinance Institutions)
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