How B Corps Attract & Engage Quality Talent

B Corps create high-quality jobs that allow people to fully engage in their work – without checking their values at the door. B Corps cite employee attraction and retention as a real bottom line impact for their companies, especially in industries like tech, where attracting top tier talent is a top priority.  

B Lab recently partnered with Fitzii (a subsidiary of B Corp, The Ian Martin Group) to create a hiring platform that combines free applicant tracking software, with discounted job boards and affordable a la carte hiring services. Now with B Work, good companies can find good people more efficiently and affordably than ever before.

Some examples of other ways B Corps engage their talent are:

  1.  B Corp Leadership Development (BLD): A day-long event that combines networking, skills-sharing, and professional development to create an experience that is unique to the B Corp community employees.
  2.  Local events: Many regions have active ‘B Local’ groups that organize B Corp events to facilitate networking, volunteer opportunities, and socials to further engage employees. The following regions have active local groups: British Columbia, Colorado, Illinois, Mid-Atlantic, NYC Area, Portland & Oregon, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Southern California, Toronto, Vermont, Virginia

Want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a B Corp? Check out this video:

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