Finish and Submit Assessment for Review

1. Go to your Dashboard menu on the left. Click the CERTIFICATION tab underneath the Tools tab. Select Summary.

2. In summary you will see a few menu items that must be complete before submitting your assessment:, Disclosure Questionnaire, and at least 90% of your assessment

3. Click the SUBMIT button on #3 to schedule an Assessment Review

Once submitted, you will be contacted by a member of B Lab's Review team via email to schedule a review call.


Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Review the Company Profile section and make sure each question is filled out. You can update this information in the future if you need.

  • Review the Disclosure Questionnaire section and double check that every question is filled in with an answer. This includes text boxes. If a question with a text box is not relevant for your business, please just answer it with N/A. These are unweighted sections that help give B Lab a better understanding of the company. It will not affect your score.

  • Review you Assessment completion and if needed, answer some additional questions to help bring you closer to the 90% completion goal.

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