For Subsidiares or Franchise

The ability to certify subsidiaries and other corporate units gives new and existing Certified B Corporations more opportunities to scale or exit in mission-aligned ways, and also maintain a high level of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency through B Corporation Certification.

"It's part of why they fell in love with Plum. They believe in the mission of our brand, our relationship with consumers. When it was presented originally, it was definitely a little bit of a foreign language, but there was fast alignment…When these ideas become inscribed in your corporate bylaws, it becomes the compass of the company. Now more than ever that's part of our charter.” 
- Neil Grimmer (Plum Organics, CEO)
"There’s a lot more authenticity in the process today and there’s a lot more strategy around long-term shareholder value. If you get in line with that, it’s not a scary proposition. Frankly, I kind of like being the only [publicly-held owner of a DE Public Benefit Corporation] — it’s a great story for us to tell. But it’s a model that a lot of others could follow.”
 - Dave Stangis (Campbell Soup Co., VP Corporate Affairs & Social Responsibility) 

Interested in more information on subsidiaries and franchises? Click here for specific steps and FAQs. 

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