Tech Support: Beta Platform

B Lab is in the process of rolling out a new user interface for the B Impact Assessment. It is important to note that while the interface has changed, the content of the assessment is the same. A company’s score should not change when transferring from the new platform to the old platform on the same version of the assessment. If you face any issues, please send us a message detailing the problem.

 On the current Beta platform, users can:

  1. Complete both the Quick Impact Assessment and Full B Impact Assessment
  2. Access the knowledge base
  3. Give question feedback in the question mark at the top right of the page
  4.  Get a score report and benchmark their score
  5.  View Reports (B Impact Report, Snapshot Report, Improvement Report)
  6. Submit the assessment for B Corp Certification.
  7. Print and download a pdf of their assessment 
  8. Explore Certification

Feedback and Knowledge Base