About the B Impact Assessment (BIA)

What is it? The B Impact Assessment (BIA) is the first step in becoming a Certified B Corporation. It is a free tool, designed to assess the overall impact of your company on its stakeholders. The assessment is customized depending on the company's size (number of employees), sector, and location of primary operation. Completing the assessment typically takes 2-4 hrs; we encourage using your best estimates the first time around. You will need to score at least an 80 out of 200 points to be certified. The Assessment is also used by more than 40,000 businesses to benchmark their performance and set goals for continuous improvement.

What makes it different from other systems? The B Impact Assessment is unique in that it is:

  • Positive Impact Focused – practices that intentionally address a social or environmental issue are measured, not practices that simply comply with existing laws or norms.
  • Comprehensive – a company’s operational practices (including workers, suppliers, manufacturing practices, and governance) and the company’s products/services are measured because both are important in understanding a company’s effect on the world.
  • Adaptable – there are over 40 versions of the Assessment that are tailored to a company based on size (# of employees), sector, and geography.
  • Easy to use – it is designed for use by all sizes of businesses.
  • Contingency and interactive- it has many helpful features such as help text and improve your score report. (
  • Educational – business owners and operators can use it as a guide to improve impact.
  • Transparent – criteria and weightings for each impact area, subcategory and individual question within the BIA assessment are available in the assessment.
  • Independently governed – Standards Advisory Councils (SAC), a group of thought leaders, experts, and practitioners control the quality of the standard.
  • Dynamic – new and improved versions of the BIA assessment are developed every two years.

How does it work? New companies logging into the assessment will begin their journey on the Quick Impact Assessment which is an abridged set of questions from the Full Impact Assessment so that you can get familiar with the types of topics covered. Once you're done, you will have an opportunity to finish the Full Impact Assessment and review your detailed scores in the B Impact Report. Once you have completed the assessment with a score of 80 or higher, you will need to submit support documentation then proceed by having an Assessment Review with a B Lab staff member. 

Want to learn about the next steps to Certification? Click here to learn more about the Assessment Review process.

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