For Startups (Pending Certification Status)

We love startups and companies who are looking to hold themselves to a higher standard from the get-go. Because start-ups often cannot produce some of the documentation needed to complete the full B Corp Certification, we created the Pending B Corp Certification.

Steps for Startups:

  1. Meet the legal requirement of B Certification: This means registering as a Benefit corporation or amending your corporate governing documents. You can learn about the legal requirement here. 
  2. Take a prospective B Impact Assessment: You will have trouble answering some of the questions as the assessment is designed for companies that have been in operations for more than 12 months. Please answer with your intentions (how you plan to run your business moving forward).
  3. After you complete and submit the Assessment, you will need to sign the Pending Certification Term Sheet and pay a fee to certify.

International Startups (outside of the US and Canada)

Unfortunately, our Pending Certification for start-ups only applies to companies in countries with legal structures intact. We encourage you to apply for full certification once your company has been in operations for at least 12 months. In the meantime, please feel free to use our B Impact Assessment as a way to measure your impact and set goals for your company.

Interested in more information the Pending B Corp Certification?
Click here for helpful FAQs and more details on the pending status. 

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