High Volume / Low Capacity

  • Our Standards Team is working with an extremely high volume of companies. The average time for a review is 90 days, but with our current pipeline, it may be longer.

  • While I can understand this is not the answer you are looking for, we do appreciate your patience during this process.

Due to a high volume of interest, response times may be longer than average and so we may not be able to connect you with someone to speak with right away.

How long it takes to become certified (after the company has taken the assessment): Our average rating time is about 90 days, and as of late, could be a little longer due to increased submissions.

Once you submit your assessment, our team reaches out typically within 3-5 business days with some initial questions and a link for scheduling a call. On average, our analysts are available 4-6 weeks out for scheduling a call.

We are experiencing a high volume of submissions so we recommend keeping the call once you are able to schedule and to provide documents in time. I do see that XXX has completed the assessment. Please make sure to submit it for review once you are ready.

We are scheduling review calls out ~2 months, but companies should receive emails to schedule 3-5 days after submitting.

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