How can I get caught up on what I've missed in the Inclusive Economy Challenge?

Welcome to the 2019 Inclusive Economy Challenge! We’re so glad you’ve joined the program. Each month, B Lab sends an email to help IEC participants stay on track and receive the benefit of helpful guidance and support along the way. (Be sure your whole IEC team is signed up to receive them!)

For the 2019 Challenge, we started sending these emails in October 2018—we want to be sure you didn’t miss anything! We’ve chronicled the resources we’ve already sent to IEC participants below, as well as the key dates you should be aware of throughout the program. Don’t hesitate to reach out for questions or a brief phone call at We’re always happy to help.

Month 1: October 2018

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Take Action: Review the IEC Guide to get a sense of what you can expect in the year ahead, a calendar with key milestones, and instructions for finding your Inclusive Economy Metric Set.

Resources to support you:

Month 2: November 2018

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Important Milestone: Gather your Inclusive Economy Challenge team.

Take Action: Want others on your team to receive IEC communications and resources? Add them here.

Resources to support you:


  • Be inspired by what IEC participants accomplished last year by reading the 2018 Inclusive Economy Impact Report.

  • Read this blog post to hear how even solopreneurs and businesses with only a couple of employees can meaningfully participate in this work.

Month 3: December 2018

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Important Milestone: Set meaningful and ambitious goals

Take Action: Looking for a different way to select metrics and set goals that will set you up for success? Download the conversation guides

Resources to support you:

  • Read B Lab's Best Practice Guide: Basics of Diversity and Inclusion for some ideas about how to create a more formalized equity, diversity and inclusion committee at your workplace (p. 6-8).

  • AORTA Collective is a worker-owned cooperative with expertise in anti-oppression and equity topics. They have a library of free resources available for download, including this gem about anti-oppressive meeting facilitation.

Month 4: January 2019

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Important Milestone: Set your goals and make your plan

Take Action: Use the brand new goal-setting function in the B Impact Assessment to set your Inclusive Economy Challenge goals by January 18, 2019. Follow these instructions to set them.

Resources to support you:

  • Need help finalizing your goals? Need a thought partner? Reach out to to chat with Jocelyn Corbett, Inclusive Economy Challenge Lead.

Month 5: February 2019

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Important Milestone: Share what you're working on

Take Action: Let's share what we're working on, where we're struggling, and what we've learned so we can all make bigger, braver steps forward. This month we’re inviting you to share the goals your company is working on - and your areas of expertise - with other IEC participants. Opt in here.

Resources to support you:

  • We have over a dozen Best Practice Guides and other resources, specially curated by the Inclusive Economy Challenge Team. Download the guides most relevant to your goals.

  • Find best practices for surveying your staff on their experience here.


    • This year we're THRILLED to be providing expert-facilitated Peer Exchanges, co-led by Diana Marie Lee and Samuel González of the Sweet Livity team. Stay tuned for an invitation to join a Peer Exchange next month.

    B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge

    1. What is the B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge?
    2. Where can I find more information about the Inclusive Economy Challenge?
    3. How do I sign up to take the Inclusive Economy Challenge?
    4. How do I find the Inclusive Economy Challenge Metric Set?
    5. How do I set goals for the Inclusive Economy Challenge in the B Impact Assessment?
    6. Can I download the Inclusive Economy Metric Set?
    7. How can I get caught up on what I've missed in the Inclusive Economy Challenge?
    8. Best Practice Guide: The Basics of Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
    9. Best Practice Guide: Growing a Diverse Workforce
    10. Best Practice Guide: Engaging and Retaining a Diverse Workforce
    11. Best Practice Guide: Building Engagement and Accountability through Transparency
    12. Best Practice Guide: The Basics of Mission-Aligned Governance
    13. Best Practice Guide: Creating Inclusion through Company Ownership
    14. Best Practice Guide: Creating Impact through Purchasing
    15. Best Practice Guide: Implementing a Professional Development Program
    16. Best Practice Guide: Using Corporate Governance for Accountability and Inclusion
    17. Resource: Family-Friendly Workplace Toolkit
    18. Resource: Employee Financial Health
    19. Resource: Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Employees
    20. Inclusive Economy Challenge Downloadable Resources
    21. Resources: GHG Targets and Improvement
    22. Resources: Low Impact Renewable Energy Use
    23. Resources: Offsetting GHG Emissions
    24. Resources: Facility Energy Efficiency
    25. Resources: GHG Inventory
    26. Resources: Management of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    27. Resources: Product and Marketing Inclusion and Accessibility

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