Resources: Management of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The following resources relate to various ways your company can meaningfully measure and manage diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization. 

Measuring Diversity:

Sample Diversity & Inclusion Survey
Developed as the result of a collaboration between B Corp Culture Amp and consulting firm Paradigm, this survey has been recognized as an industry leader when it comes to measuring employee experience of all groups of people. Culture Amp has made the survey publicly available and would love to offer further support to B Corps participating in the Inclusive Economy Challenge. They offer personal demos to help organizations understand how they can leverage the tool to measure inclusion and belonging. Culture Amp also offers a discount for B Corps and a specific B Corp Benchmark!

Measuring Diversity & Inclusion
Offered by Project Include, a non-profit using data and advocacy to accelerate diversity and inclusion solutions in the tech industry, this webpage provides a collection of vetted resources and a series of recommendations. Useful for both those looking to obtain a fundamental understanding of how to identify relevant metrics and those looking to move on to the measurement and reporting out phases. Although Project Include’s primary audience is tech companies, we find their work on diversity and inclusion in the workplace to be applicable to a wide variety of industries and sectors.

How to Set Gender Diversity Targets
Produced by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, this resource aims to provide companies large and small with the tools to set, achieve and maintain improved and realistic gender diversity targets at all levels of the organization. This guide details the process for forming a strategic planning group to establishing a timeline and accountability structure.

Gender Pay Equity:

Creating Pay Equity
Offered on Google's re:Work platform, this guide to conducting a pay equity analysis builds on pre-existing resources to offer essential information in a concise and digestible format. This resource provides the case for pay equity and for developing a compensation philosophy.

Gender Pay Equity Calculator
An easy to use gender pay gap calculator complete with a helpful instruction manual. This resource is best used when coupled with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency's "How to Set Gender Diversity Targets" guide and successfully adds color to any planned pay equity analysis.

B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge

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