How do I set goals for the Inclusive Economy Challenge in the B Impact Assessment?

The Inclusive Economy Challenge is a call to action for Certified B Corps to make concrete improvements to their business practices in pursuit of a more inclusive economy.

B Lab has pulled ~30 questions from the B Impact Assessment into a separate Inclusive Economy Metric Set that capture how businesses can be more inclusive and equitable in their workplace practices, governance, supply chain, and environmental practices. Participating B Corps choose three of those questions, set an improvement goal for each one, and work alongside your fellow B Corps to try to reach those goals by August 30, 2019.

You can now set your Inclusive Economy Challenge goals directly in the B Impact Assessment! Here is an overview for how to do so.

1. The Star icon that used to be for “Mark for Improvement” is now “Set as Goal”. Click the star icon to be brought the “Set Your Goal” view.

2. The “Set your goal” view will show your current answer(s) if provided and then ask you to set your goal. Please use the answer box to provide detail about the goal you’ve set. . .  Be sure to save your choices at the bottom.

3. If you would like to change a goal, click the goal to open the “Modify your Goal” view and you will be able to adjust your original settings.

4. Once you have completed one of your goals, open the “Modify your Goal” view and and click “Mark Complete”.

5. Take some time to celebrate your success!

6. To review your goals list, click the “Improvement” tab in the left side navigation panel, the “Goals” tab be revealed. Click the “Goals” tab. Your Inclusive Economy Challenge goals will be marked with an “IEC” tag so that you can easily find the goals you set for the Challenge.

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