How do I see my score or access the B Impact Report?

To see your overall B Impact Score:
1. Navigate to your Menu bar on the left hand side and click the three horizontal lines.

2. A side bar will pop open on the left side of your screen. You can use this to navigate to any section of the assessment. To see your Score, navigate to Compare and then select B Impact Report.

3. On the B Impact Report you can see your overall score at the top. By hovering over the numbers you can see how you compare to other businesses

4. If you click the + sign on the right side next to the Impact Area, it will drop down and show you a break down of each section and how you scored what you did in that section.

For example, the Test company below scored 8.8 points in Mission & Engagement, compared to the median ordinary businesses score of 0.5. Of those 8.8 points, 1.3 came from Operations and 7.5 came from the Mission Locked corporate structure.

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