What is the B Corp Marketplace Profile & where can I access it?

The B Corp Marketplace is a searchable database of Certified B Corps available in the B Hive to help fellow B Corps find your company and do business with you.

To create and edit your company's Marketplace Profile on the B Impact Assessment:

  1. Log into your B Impact Assessment
  2. Go to the “ONBOARDING” tab in your B Impact Assessment
  3. Click “EDIT” on the Marketplace Profile section.
  4. Click Save after updating your profile.

To locate fellow Certified B Corporations:

  1. Log into the B Hive 
  2. Go to the 'Marketplace Search' tab
  3. Filter by product or services, location, industry, affiliations or certifications, or impact performance to find a supplier or vender
  4. Select the company to learn more about the B Corp and find employees to reach out to  

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