How do I mark my B Corp Inclusion Challenge goals?

  1. Log into your B Impact Assessment
    Use the same credentials you used to fill out your Assessment for certification.

  2. Click on the B Corp Inclusion Challenge tab
    You’ll see a new first tab in your Assessment, before Governance. There will be a quick intro question about if your workforce is majority hourly or salaried. Answer that, and you’ll see all the Inclusive Economy Metric Set questions in one place!

  3. Click the “Revisit This” checkbox on the left of the metrics for which you want to set goals to improve over the next 12 months
    Selecting your ‘goal metrics’ like this allows B Lab to see that you’ve set your goals and are eligible to be honored in our new Best for Inclusion category in the 2017 Best for the World lists promoted by B the Change Media. It also helps B Lab to connect you with other B Corps working on similar topics over the next year so you can share best practices and lessons learned.

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