Knowledge Base

  1. Version 6 

    1. Version 6: B Impact Assessment: Development, Public Comment Period, and Launch 2018 / 2019
    2. Leaving Feedback
  2. B Analytics 

    1. What is B Analytics?
    2. B Analytics 2.2 Feature Release Notes
    3. My Dashboard
    4. View my companies' assessments in B Analytics
    5. B Impact Report
  3. B Corp Overview 

    1. About B Corps
    2. B Corp Certification Steps
    3. Can nonprofits become Certified B Corps?
  4. B Corp Business Case 

    1. How B Corps Attract & Engage Quality Talent
    2. Join a Community and Collaborate
    3. Benchmark and Improve Performance
    4. Attract Press, Customers and Investors
    5. Protect Mission
  5. B Corp Certification Requirements 

    1. B Corp Performance Requirement
    2. Changes to B Corp Certification Term (Recertification)
    3. What is the legal requirement for my company and why do I need to meet it?
    4. How do I upload my legal documents?
    5. B Corp Public Transparency Requirement (Term Sheet, Fees)
  6. B Impact Assessment Overview 

    1. Submitting the Assessment & Supporting Documentation
    2. Disclosure Questionnaire
    3. Finish and Submit Assessment for Review
    4. Assessment Reporting Period
  7. B Impact Assessment Platform 

    1. Choosing your Assessment Track: Size, Sector & Location
    2. Impact Areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers
    3. Navigate/Move to a Different Section or Change Answers
    4. Doubting your answer? Bookmark a question to revisit it later
    5. Scoring & Weight
  8. Benefit Corporation 

    1. Does my state have Benefit Corporation legislation?
    2. What is the difference between B Corps and Benefit Corps?
  9. B Lab 

    1. About B Lab
    2. Board of Directors
    3. Standards Advisory Council
    4. Measure What Matters
    5. GIIRS Rating
  10. Resources for Certified B Corps  

    1. What is the B Hive and how do I log into it?
    2. Where can I access B Corp Certification resources?
    3. How do I access and submit B Corp discounts?
    4. What is an on-site review?
    5. What is the B Corp Marketplace Profile & where can I access it?
  11. B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge 

    1. What is the B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge?
    2. Where can I find more information about the Inclusive Economy Challenge?
    3. How do I sign up to take the Inclusive Economy Challenge?
    4. How do I find the Inclusive Economy Challenge Metric Set?
    5. How do I set goals for the Inclusive Economy Challenge in the B Impact Assessment?
  12. Tech Support  

    1. Saving Your Answers
    2. Security
    3. Add or Remove Team Members
    4. Change my language
    5. Delete Account
  13. Updating your Assessment 

    1. Why do I need to update my assessment?
  14. Best Practice Guides 

    1. Creating an Employee Handbook
    2. Creating a Supplier Code of Conduct
    3. Implementing an Environmental Management System
    4. Whistleblowing Policies
    5. Creating Company Policies
  15. All articles 

    1. B Corp Performance Requirement
    2. What is the B Hive and how do I log into it?
    3. Saving Your Answers
    4. Join a Community of Leaders
    5. How B Corps Attract & Engage Quality Talent

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