B Lab - Using Business as a Force for Good

B Lab is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves a global movement of entrepreneurs using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Lab serves these entrepreneurs through three interrelated initiatives that provide them the legal infrastructure and help them attract the customers, talent, and capital to scale.

Knowledge Base

  1. B Analytics 

    1. What is B Analytics?
    2. Progress Report Dashboard
    3. The B Impact Report Dashboard
    4. The Impact Cloud
    5. Benchmark Categories
  2. B Corp Overview 

    1. About B Corps
    2. B Corp Certification Steps
    3. Can nonprofits become Certified B Corps?
  3. B Corp Business Case 

    1. How B Corps Attract & Engage Quality Talent
    2. Join a Community and Collaborate
    3. Benchmark and Improve Performance
    4. Attract Press, Customers and Investors
    5. Protect Mission
  4. B Corp Certification Requirements 

    1. B Corp Performance Requirement
    2. B Corp Legal Requirement
    3. How do I upload my legal documents?
    4. B Corp Public Transparency Requirement (Term Sheet, Fees)
    5. What is my B Corp public profile and where does the content go?
  5. B Corp Special Cases for Certification 

    1. For Startups (Pending Certification Status)
    2. For Public Companies
    3. For Subsidiares or Franchise
  6. B Impact Assessment Overview 

    1. About the B Impact Assessment (BIA)
    2. Assessment Review
    3. Submitting the Assessment & Supporting Documentation
    4. Disclosure Questionnaire
    5. How do I finish and submit my assessment for review?
  7. B Impact Assessment Structure 

    1. Choosing your Assessment Track: Size, Sector & Location
    2. Impact Areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers
    3. Doubting your answer? Bookmark a question to revisit it later
    4. Scoring & Weight
    5. Score Reports and Improvement Tools
  8. Benefit Corporation 

    1. About Benefit Corporations
    2. Importance of Benefit Corporations
    3. State Status of Benefit Corporation Legislation
    4. B Corporation vs. Benefit Corporation
    5. Examples of Benefit Corporations
  9. B Lab 

    1. About B Lab
    2. Board of Directors
    3. Standards Advisory Council
    4. Measure What Matters
    5. GIIRS Rating
  10. Resources for Certified B Corps  

    1. What is the B Hive and how do I log into it?
    2. Resource Portal
    3. Discounts for B Corps
    4. Steps to Recertification
    5. On-site Reviews
  11. B Corp Inclusion Challenge 

    1. What is the B Corp Inclusion Challenge?
    2. Where can I find more information, like the Inclusion Challenge Metric Set?
    3. How do I sign up to take the B Corp Inclusion Challenge?
    4. Best Practice Guide: The Basics of Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
    5. Best Practice Guide: Growing a Diverse Workforce
  12. Tech Support  

    1. Tech Support: Saving
    2. Tech Support: Security
    3. Tech Support: Reset or Change your Password
    4. Tech Support: Beta Platform
    5. How do I see my score or access the B Impact Report?
  13. Updating your Assessment 

    1. Why do I need to update my assessment?
    2. How do I update my assessment to the new application?
    3. What if I haven’t received my confirmation code email?
    4. Will my assessment answers transfer?
  14. Best Practice Guides 

    1. Creating an Employee Handbook
    2. Creating a Supplier Code of Conduct
    3. Implementing an Environmental Management System
    4. Whistleblowing Policies
    5. Creating Company Policies
  15. All articles 

    1. For Startups (Pending Certification Status)
    2. About the B Impact Assessment (BIA)
    3. B Corp Performance Requirement
    4. What is the B Hive and how do I log into it?
    5. Tech Support: Saving
    122 articles 

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